You Know You're a Political Scientist When...

You Know You Teach Intro Methods When…

  1. Your teaching evaluations take a huge nosedive in the semesters you have to teach it to undergrads.
  2. You get really excited explaining WHY the correlation coefficient formula works. Sometimes you demonstrate it enthusiastically on a cocktail napkin, and your fellow scholars treat you like a high schooler who thinks she’s discovered U2.
  3. You’re constantly on the lookout for journal articles with simple methods so you can use them in class. Does no one use regular old OLS anymore? (if y’all know any, give us a shout in the comments!)
  4. Grad students in the department come to you with their multinomial logits, and you’re the first faculty member to notice they’re still coding country as an ordinal variable.
  5. You have the formula for chi square memorized but you’ve forgotten what MLE stands for.
  6. You still somehow feel you’re better at methods than all those “fancy advanced methods” people anyway.

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