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Behavioral & Social Sciences, Ranked by Legitimacy

The behavioral and social sciences are dedicated to studying society, how behavior influences society, and how society influences behavior. Obviously, though, not all of these fields are created equal. Some contribute genuine knowledge that can help us understand the world better, and others teach you how to play with kids (as if we need one more article telling us how we’re parenting wrong).

Inspired by this hilarious yet accurate list, here is the Bitches’ ranking of the behavioral and social sciences*:

  1. Political Science: Because duh. All the proper research methods of the hard sciences, plus all the nuance of the humanities. Poli Sci is clearly the top social science, even if we totally blew it on predicting Donald Trump.
  2. Demography: Because the changing nature of populations influences basically everything government is and does.
  3. Human geography: See #2.
  4. Economics: Because, as they say, the market influences everything. We tend to think they might be right on this point; however, the lack of actual observable data is problematic (not everything is a formal model), and they are super rude during presentations. Seriously, why do economists interrupt each other so much?
  5. Sociology: Also important to understanding why things are the way they are, but ranked lower because their methods are a little touchy feely (sometimes literally).
  6. Anthropology/Archaeology: Because understanding where we come from can help predict where we’re going. And if it’s good enough for Indiana Jones, it’s good enough for us.
  7. Psychology: Would be ranked higher were it not for the replication crisis. Those poor bastards.
  8. Child development: Is this even a real science?
  9. Social Work: Basically a vocational degree. Nothing wrong with that, if you like dealing with the tragedies of society for less than a living wage.
  10. Public Administration: Also a vocational degree with very little actual “science,” but worse because they’re not helping anybody. The joke’s on us, though, because PA people make more money and get better placements than the all the rest of the social sciences combined.

*This list is obviously subjective. What do you think we are, physicists?? (Hahahaha)


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