5 Reasons You Should Be Looking Forward to SPSA

Guys, we’re in single digits in our countdown to our next conference!  Need reasons to be excited for SPSA next week? Here are five!

  1. It’s big and it’s legit, but it’s not TOO big and legit. If conferences were minor league baseball, SPSA would be AA.
  2. You’ve been stuck at home with your kids for way too long. The holidays are rough.  It’s time to get out of dodge. We all need a break from winter break.
  3. It’s in New Orleans! I know, I know. It’s no Puerto Rico. But beignets, café au lait, and Bourbon Street?  I’ll take it.
  4. There are some really cool papers being presented! The ones that piqued our interest include (but are NOT limited to): “Gender and Participation in the Classroom” (Gann, Henrickson – Thursday afternoon at 1:15), and “Man! I Feel Like a Woman: Socialization and Men’s Views of Women’s Issues” (not just because of the Shania Twain reference; Sentementes, Christiani – Thursday at 4:45), and “Rethinking Representation: The Case of Female Representatives and Contraceptive Access” (Allison – Friday at 4:45).
  5. The Poli Sci Bitches will be there! Try to spot us. We’ll be at the bar 99% of the time, possibly getting hit on.  Can’t wait!

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