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The 8th Guy Who Hits On You At Conferences

The Poli Sci Bitches absolutely LOVED going to New Orleans for SPSA.  The chance to see some fascinating panels on women’s issues, to overhear young male political scientists making fun of those panels but to see our friends on Twitter be so vocally against this kind of behavior, to realize that almost NONE of the panels were male-only.  We were both hit on and flirted with at various times throughout our weekend, but never in a way that made either of us uncomfortable or ventured outside of professionalism.  It was a great conference.

But I realized we left out one major player in our Seven Guys Who Hit On You post, and this one might be the most fun (and most common) of all.  It’s:

The Non-Political Scientist

Oh man, I had forgotten all about this guy!  Picture this: it’s Saturday night at the conference, you’re a little burned out from all the work talk, and you just want to go sit down at the bar for a quick glass of wine before your next dinner with colleagues.  The man next to you is by himself, too, and he turns to you and says, “So, what brings you to New Orleans?”

This by itself is, of course, not considered “getting hit on,” but stick with me.

Now, you know what comes next.

You: I’m here for a conference.

Him: What kind of business are you in?

You: I’m a political scientist.

Him: You’re a…. a what?

You: I’m a political scientist.

Him: Oh wow! So, DonaldTrumpBenghaziPutinHackingBernieSandersEmails SinglePayerHealthcareRossPerotNPRElection?

You: Um, sure!

People outside of Political Science really have no idea what it is we do, and usually, I am not in much of a mood to explain it to them. But the guy sitting next to me at the bar was pleasant, handsome, and seemed genuinely interested in what I do, so I explained (as best I can for an IR person) why Donald Trump happened before we moved onto more typical flirtatious conversation.

The Non-Political Scientist is always a fun time, whether he’s the guy next to you at the bar, your Uber driver who wants to explain how corrupt the Clintons are, or the friend-of-a-friend who is desperate for you to reassure him that we aren’t headed for World War 3 (umm, we’re not. right?).

SPSA was a wonderful conference this year, and the Poli Sci Bitches are thankful to each and every man and woman at the conference who believes that Women Also Know Stuff and helped make it such a great experience. See you all next time!

-Candy Ann Richards


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