You Know You're a Political Scientist When...

You Know You’re a Political Scientist When… (President Trump’s First Week Style)

  1. You’re keeping a running tally of the American and international institutions that have been undermined, insulted, or simply shut down since Trump was sworn in (current count: at least 9).
  2. You compare the inaugural speech (#America, baby) to previous speeches and, using that prior, estimate executive orders that will be issued in the first 100 days.
  3. You think about how, in the current geopolitical climate, an inaugural parade with the president in open air is just asking for an assassination attempt- and what that might mean for the rule of law in the United States (probably not good things).
  4. You see all your colleagues at the Women’s March downtown (except the public choice guy).
  5. When you write about any or all of these observations on social media, some idiot pisses you off- not because he disagrees with you, but because he called what you do political “science.”
  6. You’re as scared about social science research funding as Trump is of that bald eagle (and actually having to run the country).



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