Hilarious But True

Sexting for Social Scientists

Do you ever wish that there was a Tinder for social scientists?


Yea, me neither. But that doesn’t mean that none of us have ever wanted to engage in flirtatious conversation with a social scientist, either in person or via some sort of messenger app the kids are using these days. Maybe you’re one of the Seven Guys at Conferences. Or maybe there’s a new faculty member in Sociology who’s single and has expressed interest in consensual mingling. Or maybe you’d just like to give your significant other some advice on how to get you hot under the collar.


As always, the Poli Sci Bitches are here to help with a comprehensive list of:

Pickup Lines for Political Scientists

“Is that a robust standard error, or are you just happy to see me?”

“As a game theorist, I only do it with models, and you’d fit perfectly in my strategy space.”

“Baby, I love it when you show me your complete dataset.”

“I hope I won’t need a Rare Events Model to predict hooking up with you.”

“How do you feel about getting crazy in the bedroom? Because I’d really like to do some checks on your balance.”

“I’m working on a paper in which the distribution of the heteroskedasticity is weighted by the annotation of the binominal incidence of the matrix.” (the fancy nonsense words strategy strikes again)

“I’d like to be your statistically significant other.”

“I may have trimmed for you, but that’s not saying trimmed means I’m not an outlier.”

“Hey baby, are you a state? Because you seem unitary and rational, and you have full sovereignty over my body.”

“Please send nudes.” (always worth a shot)


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