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The Definitive #ISA2017 Drinking Game

We consider ourselves extremely good at drinking and at inventing drinking games.  And when Peter Henne (@pehenne) asked the Twitterverse for help with an ISA drinking game, the IR Bitch knew it was her time to shine.

First of all, ISA looks amazing this year, especially in the wake of the Executive Order on Immigration.  If it weren’t happening in my own country, I would find Trump’s regime fascinating in terms of its impact on the international system.  I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of great panels on Friday and Saturday (the only two days I get to be there), and I definitely hope to make part of the Academic Freedom and Professional Organizations panel before I have to head to the airport, because it is such an important discussion right now.

But, back to the drinking.  And get ready to get hammered. And please add to the list as you find necessary!

The Definitive International Studies Association Drinking Game

Drink every time:

Presentation that starts with explaining the theories of international relations we have all already heard 5,781 times.

Trump administration mentioned.


Putin mentioned.

Good-natured teasing at American Politics scholars’ expense. (sorry)


Brexit mentioned.

Someone tweets asking for the Wi-Fi password.

“Bowling Green Massacre” and/or “Sweden Incident”


Take a shot:

Conference shade.

Audience question-asker cites himself.


Putin and Trump administration mentioned in same sentence.

Economist pretending to be a political scientist.


Take seven shots:

If you find yourself saying Feminist Theory and/or Gender Studies isn’t important enough to have its own set of panels. Because you DESERVE that alcohol poisoning, sir.


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