MPSA Presentations: Finding Women Who Know Stuff!

The Americanist Bitch gets to go to MPSA this year (IR Bitch Note: I spent all my travel funds on ISA.)  and instead of finishing up the paper I’m supposed to be presenting, I’ve been combing the program for panels I want to go to.  I feel like I’m being really ambitious, but I’d like to attend at least TWO panels I’m not presenting on.  So, to make life easier for all of you who are similarly looking for interesting panels, I’ve created a handy list of a few panels, by subfield, where you can find Women Who Know Stuff!

Comparative Politics

Parties, Politics, and Institutions in Latin America

Interested in Latin America, and want to see a handful of women (that’s right! more than one!) presenting research on parties and bureaucracy? Check out this panel on Saturday at 9:45.

Political Violence

Gender, Discourse, and Radicalization: The Case of ISIS Jihadi Brides

Wow, talk about a fascinating (and maybe depressing?) topic, this roundtable is made up exclusively of women who definitely know stuff and political violence and gender.  Thursday at 11:30.

International Political Economy

Causes and Consequences of International Cooperation

Interested in trade agreements or the WTO? Check out this presentation on WTO negotiations. One woman surrounded by men. We’ve all been the Token Woman, so show up to support her on Thursday at 9:45.

Political Theory

Okay, to be honest, I’m not interested in theory. But Women Do Know Stuff about it, so if theory is your thing, find a theory panel that’s not a manel.


Networks Theory and Applications

Women Who Methods are some of our role models, because it’s such a male-dominated subfield. Despite what Barbie told us as kids, Math is NOT hard for girls, at least not any harder than it is for boys, especially if there are great female role models in the field. Find one at this panel on Saturday at 8am (yikes) which features another woman surrounded by men.

Gender and Politics

Gender and the U.S. Supreme Court

As an Americanist, this one is right up my alley, and the papers are all similar thematically, which should make it a very interesting panel. Check out presentations by more than one woman, and then watch them discussed by more than one woman on Friday at 9:45.

Families, Politics, and Policymaking

The Bitches are both moms. This panel takes a look at some family situations and how that translates into politics and policy. Lots of great women presenting their research on Thursday at 11:30.

Teaching and Learning

Alternative Teaching Methods

I thought that zombies were on their way out, but apparently not, because there’s a really fun paper title in this panel. Teaching & Learning isn’t taken particularly seriously as a research agenda in political science, which is a shame because we’re uniquely situation to use our training as researchers to do great research on teaching.  Check out Zombies and more at this panel Saturday at 9:45.

This list is certainly not exhaustive. There are countless Women Who Know Stuff presenting at MPSA this year. Have a female scholar to recommend? Or want to promote yourself? Let us know, we want to promote you, too!


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